Delivering performance, versatility and density without compromise, the Cisco UCS range addresses the broadest set of workloads, from IT and web infrastructure to distributed database.

The UCS series blade server chassis is a crucial building block of the Cisco unified computing system, delivering a scalable and flexible architecture for current and future data center needs, while helping reduce cost of ownership.

How to Videos

Need help with configuring a server? The how to videos section includes a series of videos on help with configuring any server included in the UCS power calculator tool.

Release Notes

Visit the release notes section to view the release information of the tool.

TME Quote

Server power consumption is a function of hardware configuration, BIOS settings and workload. There is no industry standard governing power calculators. Therefore, power calculators are unreliable when used to compare power utilization across products from different hardware vendors. I recommend caution when making comparisons between vendor tools. Especially when some vendors choose to use their power calculator tool as a marketing instrument rather than an engineering tool to safely size electrical circuits.

Jeffrey Metcalf, Technical Marketing Engineer - Cisco UCS

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